agile directing

"Most of the companies are overmanaged but underdirected"

Bob Garrat

interim management

Current trends suggest that interim managers will replace much of the role of management consultants, as companies become further specialized and require even quicker solutions.

Interim management can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven manager to manage a period of transition, crisis or change or in any other situation where intervention is needed. Hiring an interim manager not only puts someone in place faster, but avoids aggravating the internal politics currently strangling the company.

Note the difference between an interim manager and a management consultant. An interim manager will not only give you advice, but also implement your solution. He or she works with your own team, under your complete control.


Management training

Agile Directing – trainings are designed to enhance the participants’ personal skills and competencies as leaders and individuals focusing on broadening understanding of key management issues such as strategic dialogue, dynamic capabilities, change management, power and resistance, leadership, human resource management, organizational development and performance measurement.

The trainings are highly interactive and tailor-made for the special needs of the customer. The solid basis of the trainings is the combination of strong practical experience of different management levels and management science of high-quality.

Note that trainings can also occur by using web-based technology or video conferencing tools.


Hannamari Heino, M. Econ., M. Educ., PhD candidate, +358 40 7200 716

I have 15 years of experience in management in various management layers. In addition, I am currently processing a dissertation. The aim of the dissertation is to study disturbances in organization and their relationship with a company's strategy performance and dynamic capabilities by emphasizing the company's board of directors' role as a source as well as an anticipator and mitigator of those disturbances.

An essential perspective in my trainings and research is strategic management covering the concepts of power, resistance and dynamic capabilities. Read more...